This article is written by JENNY TSOUMPRI
Exhibitions Curator
Stavros Kotsiréas moves in the ‘plastic arts’ in a European context because he studied in The Netherlands, now lives and works in the United Kingdom, and his cultural heritage has deep roots in Europe.

When I first viewed images of Kotsiréas’ new work, to my surprise I discovered still life constructions [mixed technique] combined with pure painting. This was a real departure from the artist’s earlier work, taking him in a completely new direction.

This new direction is not without its risks. There are those who might view the still life with suspicion, as a path of easy solutions and compromise. So I asked myself; ‘Is the artist using this genre to explore the problems of our time?’
No, was my conclusion
‘Does this body of work concern itself with social issues?’
Again, no.
In fact what is at the center of the artist’s new practice is intense self observation and introspection. Over time everything in life disappears, but Kotsiréas’ work captures an outpouring of the essential elements of life; memories; needs; emotions. Oil and linen, collections of stones, old objects and personal constructions, come together in mixed media compositions giving expression to these elements.
The artist recounts.
The narrative is not flat; on the contrary, the scenes explode with intensity. The approach the artist takes to his paintings grabs the viewer’s emotions and leaves them sober.

Art is a personal conception. This body of work by Stavros Kotsiréas constitutes the formulation of a new personal style, which shows signs of exceptional sensitivity.
Kotsiréas does not attempt a literal representation of the object, but rather a rediscovery of the object through the process of creating his still life compositions. His creative spirit wonders amongst the objects. The feeling you have throughout the creation is the Posteriori Forma of things (evolution.) This work requires reading, urging contemplation. The viewer must devote time, patience and curiosity. The journey taken by each viewer is totally personal. Stavros Kotsiréas paints not only what he can see around him, but also hidden images that he feels have a peculiar and intense life of their own. He paints his thoughts and observations. ‘He paints - he thinks’ using colour and shading, the expressiveness of line, composition, rhythm and harmony. Those who have met Stavros through his art and lucky enough to know him personally will already appreciate his inner world, which he shares with us once more in this moving new work.

Athens, Greece, May 2010

Jenny Tsoumpri
Exhibitions Curator