"EXTREMITIES" Theater Play

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Set Design "Extremities"
“Extremities” Psychological thriller written by William Mastrosimone and was first performed of Broadway in 1982. It opened at the West Side Theater in New York on December 22, 1982 and ran for 325 performances.

"Extremities" Athens, Greece, Proskinio Theater.

Director: Efi Mouriki
Translation: Eric Mpelies
Set Design: Stavros Kotsireas
Lights: Lato B
Director Assistant: Nike Aggelaki
Producer: Vladimiros Kiriakidis

Efi Mouriki - Marjorie
Vasilis Mpismpikis – Raul
Lida Hatzi – Terry
Mara Motaki - Patricia

Avant Premier 15th October 2012
Premier 16th October 2012
Season Oct 2012-Apr 2013

Proskinio Theater
Stournari & Kapnokoptiriou 8
Tel:210 8252242