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1rst International Contemporary Art Fair 1-4/12/2016 ART THESSALONIKI
The inaugural ART THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR is organized by the National Agency for The Organization of Exhibitions, Congresses and Cultural Events (HELEXPO S.A.) together with Pantelis Tsatsis, Artistic Director, who is the driving force behind this initiative.

The team of collaborators that has been selected, shares the vision of a new International Contemporary Art Fair in Greece which will give a fresh commercial, cultural and educational impetus to the arts: art and culture after all, are the basic vehicles for spreading knowledge, economic development as well as ‘the message’ in general.

Therefore, this Fair becomes an annual event and plays a crucial and multidimensional role in showcasing dialogue, artistic activity, innovation as well as establishing common ground for artistic exchanges, particularly the appreciation of differences between civilizations.

Stavros is Showing new work with Chili Art Gallery Paintings and Constructions on the wall and Bronze Sculptures on the floor. It's promising to be an exciting art event expecting 10.000 thousand people to visit. Looking forward to the event and seeing everyone who can make it.
CHili Art Gallery Art Thessaloniki STAND 2