1st Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair 2016

Art Thessaloniki, Chili Art Gallery
Pics from Art Thessaloniki
Setting up fair show 2016

It was a great pleasure to take part in this Art Fair, with Chili Art Gallery from Athens. The public's reaction regarding my art was amazing As a result I had an hour live interview on National Radio One, coverage on two major newspapers, Sunday newspaper "To Proto Thema" with 140.000 sales, and the financial newspaper "Ependisi", on top of that there where sales of my work and future exhibitions lining up. According to the public's response, the organizing committee and one of the most respectful Art Historian, curator, and professor of the University of Athens, Mano Stefanidi, Chili Art Gallery's presentation and uniqueness of the artwork has been a highlight of the Art Fair.